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We are privileged that you have visited our website. Nothing excites us more than helping you experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. It is why our church exists. No matter what age or stage in life you are, First Baptist Church Covington has a place for everyone. Each ministry environment in our church has been created to engage, equip, and encourage an intimate relationship with God and others. Join us this weekend at one of our 4 worship services, or take part in one of our many weekly events and Bible studies. Plain and simple, our church is here for you, and we can’t wait to meet you.


The Super Bowl Phenomenon

The Super Bowl Phenomenon

By: Waylon Bailey ~ The Super Bowl has become a phenomenon in American life. In effect it has become another holiday. For example, more pizzas are sold on Super Bowl Sunday then any other day of the year. I read yesterday that Super Bowl Sunday is the second most “eating day” of the year. I…


What Gives You Hope?

Luke eight is one of the most hopeful passages of Scripture in the Bible. It’s not so much the specific words that are said, but it is the hopeful message that is given. Luke eight shows the love of God and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the gist of the chapter:…


Pray Positively

We all know we need to pray, but we often don’t know how to pray. I’m not sure I’ve ever met a believer who felt completely comfortable in his prayer life. There is something within us that wants and needs a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. Even Jesus’ disciples asked Him to teach them…


Our Lives Can Be Sinkholes

Did you see the picture of the massive sinkhole in southern Oregon? I watched a CNN report about a huge sinkhole along Highway 101 near the California border in southern Oregon. This was not your ordinary sinkhole. It was huge–and frightening! The most scary thing about it was where it occurred, along an eight lane…

Gods Message

God’s Message to His Church

By Waylon Bailey ~ Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is a letter to the church both then and now. It’s a letter the church must study and take to heart. It is God’s message to his church. We do well when we seek God’s guidance for His church through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Paul’s…