Do You Love the Church?


By: Waylon Bailey

Do you love the church of the Lord Jesus?

This is probably a question that shouldn’t have to be asked. The church is the body of Christ, the family of God, and the beautiful bride of Christ. These are metaphors God chose, not me or you. He loves the church and because He loves the church, so should you and I.

The second question I ask is practical to you and your local church. Do you love your local congregation? Do you treat it as the body of Christ, the family of God, and the Lord’s beautiful bride?

I believe these are questions that must be asked, and questions we must answer. You may detect in these questions my view that most Christians take the bride of Christ much too nonchalantly.

Remember that “love” is an active verb, it’s something you do.

How does this love look? How do we show our Lord that we love His bride?

Here are some ways I suggest.

First, treat the church with tenderness, respect, kindness, and gentleness. Think well of the church (you and I are the church along with all those who have been made new in Christ), pray for it, and speak lovingly of the church with appreciation.

Second, support the worship and ministry of the church. Show your love by your actions. Always attend worship. Show up on time and ready to fellowship with others and to sing, pray, and hear God’s Word. Sit as close to the front as possible and as close to others as appropriate. Give a sacrificial offering as if you are giving it to God Himself (you are). Do everything as unto the Lord. Look for opportunities to serve God by serving others. Take every opportunity to grow in Christ by attending Bible studies and sessions designed to fuel your growth in Christ.

Finally, pray diligently for the body of Christ. Recognize that all parts of our body are not as strong as others. Pray for strength and growth for the body. Pray for God’s kingdom to come and God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Thank you for loving the bride of Christ.

I believe we live in a time of urgency about our need to love God’s church. Would you share this with your circle of believers? Please pass this link on to friends in the churches–waylon