A Glorious Day


By: Waylon Bailey ~

Yesterday was a glorious day.

We saw whole families moving forward to stand for Christ in our worship services. We sang praises to God, prayed, gave, read the word, and listened to the word proclaimed. Those elements always make for a glorious day. Then, we went to the Bogue Falaya River in Covington to baptize over 80 people. Even with our large number of baptisms in recent years, we have never seen anything quite like this. Again, whole families were being baptized, taking their stands for Christ.

It really feels as if awakening is occurring in our community and in our church. That, too, makes for a glorious day

Why baptism? Why should you or your family or your family members consider following Christ in baptism?

First, Jesus was baptized. That in itself should be enough to make us consider doing as He did (Matthew 3:13-17). Jesus went to John the Baptist in the wilderness to be baptized of him. When John protested, Jesus said that it was to fulfill all righteousness.

Second, our baptism marks us as Christian believers. In the New Testament, baptism marked a person as a follower of Christ. Baptism is a way of showing in our own selves that we have submitted to God. As we submit to God, so we submit to baptism.

Third, baptism shows our union with Christ Jesus. Paul discussed how we are baptized into Christ Jesus (Romans 6:1-7). Simply stop and let that phrase soak in. Because, that’s exactly what we want. We want to identify strongly with Jesus, and we want Him in us as He prayed in John 17.

Finally, we want to be identified with the body of Christ. Baptism is the beginning point of our walking with God and with his people.We believers have many commonalities, one of these is being baptized.

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Have a great week!