A RISE UP! Kind Of Day

We have a big day planned for October 26-27 (next weekend), and we hope you will be part of it.

As part of our RISE UP! Campaign we have scheduled a High Attendance Day for our Bible Fellowship Groups and our worship Services. We hope you will make every effort to attend.

We are trending upward and we want you to move with us as we seek to follow God’s plan for our church.

These are some of the special activities we have planned:


Tim and Amanda Cowles are the creators of Skadoodles!, a family-focused ministry based in Dallas, Texas. They cultivate God-centered moments where children and their families come together to learn, share, and grow. The Cowles and Skadoodles will help lead KidzPraise in the Preschool ministry at 9:45 and 11:00.


The SPLAT Experience will be featured in the Children’s ministry in the 9:45 and 11:00 Bible Fellowship hours. The Splat Experience ministry has performed it’s unique worship-themed painting presentations for over ten years and just finished their second tour with Casting Crowns. Using bare hands, paint, and a blank canvas, the gospel is presented through art in an impactful and unforgettable way.


The Student Ministry will develop the iNvite weekend with a theme: “Staying classy”. “Staying Classy” according to a Biblical Worldview means to show extraordinary character. Sunday will be our Stay Classy Sunday for Youth Bible Fellowships. Students will be served a nice classy breakfast and have a band that will not only play Sunday morning but also at our 5:13 Youth Service. At 5:13 that evening, they will also have a guest Worship Experience with The Splat Experience.


All singles are invited on October 27 to enjoy a time of worship and Bible Study followed by a Chili Cook-off Fellowship while watching the Saints game in the ROC.

All of our adult Bible Fellowship Groups are planning a special day.

Please join with us for this weekend.