A Salute to Veterans

asalutetovetsI hope you remembered that today is Veteran’s Day, a day when we honor and remember those who have served our country.

I don’t have to tell you that as a nation we are a special nation. The nation is special because we have been given what Eric Metaxas called “Ordered freedoms.” Sometimes we have a hard time understanding what we have. We sometimes don’t know the genius of our founding fathers.

For example, religious freedom is found in only a few countries of the world. Europe, even Great Britain, doesn’t have it. We are unique. We are exceptional– – an exception to the other nations of the world.

As we celebrate Veterans Day, we must also celebrate freedom of speech, press, and religion. If any one of these is taken away, all will be taken away.

Freedom of religion is under attack today. Many people, including presidential candidates, want to allow freedom of worship but not freedom of religion.

Adolph Hitler had no problem with the German church worshiping. He persecuted and killed Christians because they dared “practice” their religion in public.

I thank God for those veterans who marched from Normandy to Berlin. They truly saved the world.

It’s hard to imagine those 90-year-olds today were 20 years old when they fought on two fronts to save America and the world.

We salute them today.

We also salute those younger veterans who answered the call of a country in need and served in Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, the Iraqi War, and all the other places in between.

We should honor veterans because most of those veterans did not fight to defend simply our freedom but world freedom.

What makes America exceptional? We conquered Germany and Japan and then helped them rebuild their countries and gave them a better freedom than they had ever known in history.

Surely the American veteran is an amazing person.

Let us honor them today and thank them for their service.

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