A Super Bowl Worthy Of Its Name

Finally, a Super Bowl worthy of the name. The only better Super Bowl game was Super Bowl XLIV when the Saints beat the Colts.

Last night’s game was so good because it had so much drama. Baltimore jumped out to a big lead and looked to be running away with the game. When the lights went out Twitter lit up (pun intended) with Don Meredith’s “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.” But the game wasn’t over. Even the last play of the game was exciting.

Another facet of the game involved the Harbaugh brothers’ rivalry. This morning one brother feels pretty good about all the decisions he made while the other probably has not slept because he is replaying every decision and every call. I certainly thought Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers made a mistake not calling a timeout on fourth and goal at the five yard line. I thought his team was not ready for the biggest play of the game.

Football is simply a microcosm of life. It is a game of decisions, mostly small decisions, which add up to a final score with a winner and a loser.

In life our decisions can add up to a lifetime of joy and satisfaction or a lifetime of regret and heartache.
That is exactly what James talked about. Your decisions and choices will determine your future.

If you depend on the world, your natural person, or the devil, you can be assured of a life of disorder and a multitude of problems.

Fortunately, God has a better way. When we depend on Him and seek His guidance, He will lead us through life.

Decisions made His way and with Him in mind will produce peace, purity, consideration, sincerity, mercy, and good fruit.

When you see the consequences of bad and good choices, how could you choose anything other than God’s way?

I hope that’s what you decide for your life.