Connect to Leadership Conference


Date(s) - 08/11/2019
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Our church is honored to have numerous Christian education professionals on our campus, Sunday, August 11 from 4:00-6:00 PM. They will be sharing evangelism strategies to reach every age group for Christ. All those in Connect Group leadership, as well as anyone wishing to participate, are encouraged to attend.


Jake Roudkovski Headshot

Dr. Jake Roudkovski – Session Location: Central Hall

Bio: Dr. Jake Roudkovski is a professor of evangelism and pastoral leadership at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary occupying the Max and Bonnie Thornhill Chair of Evangelism as well as the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program. With his wife, Karen, they are proud parents of two children. After earning his undergraduate degree from Blue Mountain College, he earned M.Div., Th.M., and Ph.D. from NOBTS. As a frequent speaker at revival meetings, conferences, training events, and denominational meetings around the world, Dr. Roudkovski has made academic presentations at The Southern Baptist Research Fellowship and the Academy of Evangelism in Theological Education. He contributed to Mobilizing a Great Commission Church for Harvest, an evangelism textbook used in SBC seminaries, as well as One on One: Evangelism Made Simple, a personal evangelism training kit. He recently completed a seven-year ministry as bi-vocational pastor at Bogue Falaya Baptist Church in Folsom, LA.

Intentional Evangelism in Your Personal Life and Your Connect Group – In this general session, Dr. Roudkovski will challenge every leader to develop personal and Connect Group strategies for intentional evangelism grounded in Biblical concepts of plowing, sowing, watering, harvesting, and multiplication.

Breakout Session: Learn How to Incorporate Intentional Evangelism Into Your Teaching Plan – In this session, the participants will learn how to have a cohesive strategy for intentional evangelism though their teaching plans. Helpful practical examples and resources will be included in the session.

David Francis Headshot

David Francis – Session Location: Room W412

Bio: Leaders of Sunday School work in Baptist state conventions like to joke with David Francis that the dozen or so books he wrote while Director of Sunday School (2005-2018) all pretty much say the same thing! Most are free for download–or really cheap in print–at  Many are free at the iTunes store, too. Since retiring last year, David continues to contract as a consultant with LifeWay, co-leading a workshop for pastors on disciple-making strategies. David is an Air Force vet, earned the God and Mammon degree from Baylor, attended Southwestern Seminary while serving as Minister of Education and Administration at Kiestwood church in Dallas, then various roles at FBC Garland, Texas before joining LifeWay in 1997. Married 46 years to Vickie, 3 sons, 6 grandkids.

Session: Creating Commissioned Community – Connect Group Coordinators are called to be leaders. Perhaps the hardest role is leading a class to actually obey the Great Commission, weaving it into the fabric of a vibrant community. David will share 20 practices that help classes become a “commissioned community” from chapter one of his book Leader: Creating Commissioned Community.  You can download a copy if you want a head start. (It’s like 16 pages.)  But it’s not necessary.  The book is one of four in the “3 Roles” series. Others include Teacher: Creating Conversational Community and Shepherd: Creating Caring Community.  As coordinator, you are actually responsible for guiding your class toward that kind of community. This is the hardest one. We’ll try to get beyond theory and explore how to REALLY become a group that is intentional about outreach and evangelism.

Joe Sherrer Headshot

Joe Sherrer – Session Location: Room W402

Bio: Joe Sherrer is professor of discipleship and ministry leadership at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  A frequent conference leader and writer, Joe recently retired as the executive pastor of First Southern Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.  Joe is married to Liz Sherrer.  They have two grown sons and five wonderful grandchildren.

Session: Just Add the Gospel – The Ingredient for Everything We Do in Our Connect Groups –  Prayer and care coordinators will examine being gospel-centered in Connect Groups, rather than letting the gospel be one of several ingredients for the group.  Special attention will be provided for practical, specific actions leaders can take this year to focus on outreach and evangelism.

Liz Sherrer Headshot

Liz Sherrer – Session Location: Fellowship Hall

Bio: Liz Sherrer is a retired educational consultant.  She enjoys teaching adult Sunday School and is a teaching plan writer for LifeWay Christian Resources Explore the Bible Curriculum.  Liz is the husband of Joe Sherrer, a New Orleans Baptist Theological professor of adult education.  They live in Oklahoma and are the proud parents of two son and five grandchildren.

Session: Fruit Bearing Through Fun, Friends and Fellowship – During this session plan to experience ideas to incorporate into Connect Group fellowships while receiving tips on planning, preparation, and involvement.  An emphasis will be on how to have distinctive, intentional fellowships that foster outreach and sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ.

David Odom Headshot

David Odom – Session Location: Room W405

Bio: Dr. David Odom is Associate Professor of Student Ministry at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and serves as the Director of the Youth Ministry Institute. Before joining the faculty at NOBTS, he served as Youth Minister in churches in Texas and Alabama. He has a heart for young people and training the next generation of youth leaders. He and his wife, Natalie, live in Covington, LA.

Session: “Evangelism in Youth Small Groups” – Today’s teenagers are unique and diverse. This session will help you develop the skills you need to present the gospel to students in your small group. Topics include: understanding Generation Z, presenting the gospel to teenagers, and inviting youth to respond.

Donna Peavey Headshot

Donna Peavey – Session Location: Base Camp in the Kid’s Hall

Bio: Dr. Donna Peavey is a seasoned ministry leader with over thirty years of experience. Her passion is equipping parents and ministry leaders to facilitate the spiritual formation of children. She is a highly regarded children’s ministry consultant, professor, writer, and frequent conference speaker. Donna obtained a B.S. from the University of Southern Mississippi and a M.R.E., Th.M., and Ph.D. from NOBTS, where she serves as Professor of Christian Education. She attends First Baptist New Orleans, where she teaches children’s Sunday School.

Session: Evangelism with Preschoolers and Children – In this session participants will gain an understanding of how to responsibly and effectively share the plan of salvation with preschoolers, children and their parents.

Scott & Kelli Stewart Headshot

Scott & Kelli Stewart – Session Location: Outpost in the Kid’s Hall

Bio: Kelli and Scott Stewart are members of First Baptist and have 5 children, Maylin (5), Kinley (5), Grace (5), Elle (3), and Graham (2).  God has taken them on a journey in recent years that He has used to align their prayer, passion, and purpose and shaped what daily ministry looks like for them.  Scott recently spent 13 months in Somalia and during that time, God opened Kelli’s eyes to local needs in Covington and surrounding communities, spurring the launch of “To Covington with Love.”  While in Somalia, Scott wrestled with what practical “love” looks like as he was given a unique opportunity to work with the Prime Minister and see behind the scenes of international strategies for nation building and the world’s approach to developing local communities and a nation as a whole.  Both Kelli and Scott want the people God brings across their paths to know they are loved by Jesus and strive to be intentional with the Gospel message in their daily lives.

Session: Leading Change in our Community – Real change will not happen in a community unless driven by a value system that is not centered on individual desire for resources, power, or fame – also known as “human nature”. Despite best intentions, personal interest will always influence action unless committed to a value system where one “dies to self”.  It is our individual responsibility to LIVE and SHARE the gospel message. But what does that look like on a day to day basis in the midst of life’s demands?  Come hear the vision behind the launch of “To Covington With Love” and join a discussion on practical ways we can be a part of where God is moving.

Glynn Robinson Headshot

Glynn Robinson – Session Location: Room W403

Bio: Glynn is from Meridian, Mississippi. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and graduated from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree. Glynn began his ministry at First Baptist church in 1997. He is married to Melinda of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. They are the parents of two daughters, Mollie and Mary Landrum, and a son, Will.

Session: Connect Group Outreach Coordinators are responsible for coordinating members to contact guests who visit their Connect Group with a phone call, personal visit or a card sent.  LEARN HOW EVANGELISM AND AN OUTREACH PLAN GO HAND IN HAND!