Mexico Mission Trip Information Meeting


Date(s) - 04/15/2018
5:00 pm

Mexico Mission Trip Information Meeting

The First Baptist church family has the opportunity to spend three days in Mexico participating in a home building project.  The trip is open to families and individuals.

We are partnered with Amor Ministries, a group that seeks to alleviate poverty by building homes and creating jobs in communities. As their mission is carried out, communities and families are strengthened. The days that we give will help them in their mission. Please pray and go.

Come learn how you and your family can go and serve.
Hear from others who have gone before.
Learn how you and your family can serve and encourage while building a home for another family.

Info Meeting:
Sunday April 15 at 5:00
East Hospitality Room across from the Church Library
Team Leaders: Eric & Angel Dunavant

Below are some FAQs put together by a recent participant:

Do I need a passport?  Does my child need a passport?

Yes to both.  Everyone needs a passport.  You want a passport.  When you are standing in a line in Mexico, looking across the fence to the USA, you are REALLY glad you have a passport.

Is it safe?

I had this question before I went.  That being said, I have always felt completely safe in Mexico.  There are several reasons for this.  We are aligned with Amor ministries.  Amor has built over 17,000 houses in Tijuana over the last thirty years.  Amor is a well-known and respected part of the community.   In addition, we are only in the neighborhoods during the daytime in groups.  Likewise, our campground has security and is guarded all hours of the day, for the safety of the people and property housed there.

Where do you sleep?

In a tent.  On the ground.  Unless you bring an air mattress (which would be a really good idea).  You do not have to put up your own tent.  It will be there waiting for you when you arrive.  All you really need is a sleeping bag and a comfy pillow.

Where do you go to the bathroom?  shower?

Well, let’s just say that you will really appreciate indoor plumbing at the end of your adventure.  The bathrooms are a line of port a potties, all in row.  The showers you take with a gallon milk jug.  My kids are absolutely convinced that the most refreshing showers on the planet are taken with a gallon milk jug in your swimsuit in Mexico after building a house all day.

What do you eat?  Is the water safe?

As I mentioned before, Amor ministries is intrinsically linked to the community–and its churches.  The food provided at the camp site is prepared by the wives of many of the local pastors.  It is delicious and authentically Mexican.  Beans and tortillas are featured in just about every meal.  You will not go hungry.  You prepare your own lunch each morning with the food provided–usually lunchmeat, peanut butter and jelly and REALLY interesting Mexican chips.  Let’s just say the flavors are distinctive and strong.  🙂  I often take peanut butter crackers and granola bars for my children, just in case. 

All the water is brought into the camp and is labeled for drinking or hand washing.

Can kids really build a house?

Absolutely!  Each member of the family can be a part of the building process.  As the years pass, I see my boys becoming more and more helpful to the building process.  My  daughter does help with aspects of the building process but also acts as a “goodwill ambassador,” spreading joy to members of the team and members of the family we are serving. 

How do you get there?

We allow each family to determine their own path to San Diego, the headquarter of Amor ministries.  Some years we drive, others we fly–it just depends on our needs and schedule for that year.  I do recommend that you stay additional days and experience some of the great activities available in San Diego and perhaps even drive up to Los Angeles for more fun.