Answering God’s Call: New Series Begins October 8th & 9th

What is the most important principle for Christian growth and sanctification?

In order to grow, you must begin to serve.
The second principle is similar.

The one who teaches is the one who learns.
This only makes sense. Serving means that you give what you have
received. Most people simply don’t receive until they begin to give. The
person who can explain something has learned how it works or what it
means. When you can make a simple explanation, you have obviously
increased your own understanding.

Therefore, I would encourage you to look for places to serve and people
that you can teach and mentor.

That’s why I have chosen “Answering God’s Call” for my new sermon series.
I want to take you through the lives of a number of people in Scripture who
have served God and been effective.

I want to ask you to heed God’s call as well. As we study the lives of Esther,
Amos, Jeremiah, and others, you will see a lot of yourself. They were timid,
afraid, and sometimes overwhelmed, yet they heard the voice of God and
heeded His call. I hope and pray that you will do the same. From my experience, I can tell you that it will be the most joyful experience of your life.

10-9-11 ~ Esther: God Calls People in Extraordinary Circumstances
10-16-11 ~ Amos: God Calls Ordinary People
10-23-11 ~ Jeremiah: God Calls Timid People
10-30-11 ~ Moses: God Calls People Who Have Failed
11-6-11 ~ Hosea: God Calls People to be Faithful When Others Aren’t
11-13-11 ~ Hosea: God Calls People to Help Others Start Over
11-20-11 ~ Isaiah: God Calls People to be Obedient
11-27-11 ~ Paul: God Calls People to Trust Him

I pray that you will listen to God’s call and will dedicate yourself to serve Him.