The Chapel

 at First Baptist Church Covington

The Chapel offers a sacred space for you to celebrate life’s most precious moments. While honoring the architecture of beloved traditional chapels, The Chapel features a warm, subtly-modern design that feels both timeless and chic. This elegant venue and place of worship includes three areas — The Chapel itself, a Prayer Garden, and a Garden Room. Together, these three sections create a functional yet breathtaking space for your receptions and ceremonies, conveniently located off of Hwy 21 in Covington, LA. 

Our desire at First Baptist Church Covington is to make your Chapel event beautiful and meaningful.

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Chapel Features:

  • 50 ft. Bell Tower
  • Grand Entrance into the Foyer
  • 11 ft. Walnut Doors open into the Chapel
  • Seats up to 300* guests
  • Generous Center Aisle
  • Exposed Architectural Trusses 
  • Stunning Chandeliers
  • Glass Doors opening into the Garden Area


The Prayer Garden

The Garden Room

The Chapel


While honoring the architecture of beloved traditional chapels, our venue features a warm, subtly modern design that feels both timeless and chic. Natural light fills the sanctuary, creating the perfect lighting for your photography and videography. The prayer gardens offer a tranquil setting for your first look or family photos, and the authentic 55-foot bell tower fills the air with that classic, celebratory ring after you say “I do”.

The Chapel seats up to 300* guests and has a generous center aisle running through the traditional stained wooden pews. The soaring 30-foot vaulted ceiling, with exposed architectural trusses, enhance two stunning chandeliers that illuminate the center aisle and give the chapel a feeling of awe.

Glass double doors line both walls, with the east side looking out over the tranquil Prayer Garden. The Prayer Garden and courtyard host trickling water fountains and walking paths that wind through the landscaping, featuring a grand Live Oak tree as a focal point. This outdoor area makes a breathtaking backdrop for family or bridal photos.

The Garden Room brackets the other side of The Prayer Garden and follows the décor and elegance of The Chapel. This room, which accommodates up to 75* guests standing or 48* guests seated, opens to the Prayer Garden, allowing easy access for receptions to encompass both areas. There is a back room with all the modern conveniences for food staging.

The marriage ceremony is one of the most sacred moments in the life of a man and woman. We believe that God has ordained marriage and that every wedding performed at The Chapel at First Baptist Church should be Christ-honoring.  To this end, care is taken to ensure that individuals are prepared spiritually and practically for their marriage.  

We are excited about your BIG DAY and feel that The Chapel venue is a beautiful and peaceful setting. 

It is the desire of First Baptist Church (FBC) Covington, its pastors, and support staff, to make every wedding a beautiful and meaningful service.  

General Information

The Chapel is available to both FBC Covington members AND nonmembers, as long as they respect the deeply held religious beliefs of First Baptist Church. 

All events and weddings are scheduled through the Venue Director and must have the approval of the FBC Covington Pastors. 

Church members (outside of immediate family) may not schedule a wedding/event for a non-member for price benefit. To qualify for booking the facilities as a member, you must have been on the FBC Covington Church roll as a member for a minimum of one year.

While weddings, showers, receptions, and parties are joyous celebrations, this is a church facility – and needs to be respected.  The church/chapel staff requests that those attending an event select attire that is appropriate and tasteful.  All parties involved in the wedding, including vendors and guests, should abide by the guidelines pertaining to conduct outlined in our policies.

Alcoholic beverages of any kind are NOT allowed anywhere on the church/chapel property, including parking lots.

Scheduling Information

Due to season demands on the church facilities, events and weddings will not be scheduled at times that will conflict with church services or special church events.  Nor will they be scheduled on the following holidays and/or holiday weekends:  New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day, Easter weekend (Thursday-Sunday), Thanksgiving Eve/Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.   A wedding on Sunday may be scheduled to start between 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  


It is required that both the bride and groom meet with the FBC Covington Officiating Minister, or their approved Officiating Minister, or their approved licensed Christian Counselor for counseling prior to the wedding.    

In the event that you should desire someone other than a FBC Covington minister to perform your ceremony, you should discuss this matter with the Venue Director.  Only ordained evangelical ministers of like faith and practice will be permitted to perform a wedding ceremony at The Chapel, The Garden Room, or the Prayer Garden. FBC Covington Pastoral Staff will contact the visiting pastor to confirm his participation and affiliation.        

Building Use Guidelines

It is very important that the entire wedding party understand that The Chapel at FBC Covington is first-of-all a PLACE OF WORSHIP.  As such, there are certain guidelines which must be met.  You are responsible to see that your guests and outside vendors are aware and comply with the following guidelines:

  • All members of the Wedding Party will dress modestly and within acceptable standards.
  • A Venue Coordinator from The Chapel at FBC Covington is required, and is included in the price, for every wedding conducted at the venue.  They will be familiar with all the guidelines contained in this policy, including all requirements, facilities use, music, photography, and fees.  They are NOT wedding coordinators.
  • You may use mechanical/battery candles for your wedding, but open flame candles are not allowed.  The one exception is the Unity Candle.
  • The flower arrangements, bouquets, and greenery that you choose will enhance the beauty of your wedding and will create the atmosphere that you desire for this special occasion.  The flower girl/boy may not disperse flower petals – real or artificial – in the Chapel or on the Venue grounds/buildings.
  • We recognize the importance of wedding photography and videos as lasting remembrances of your wedding day.  Because the wedding ceremony is a religious service, all photographers and videographers (amateur and professional) are asked to reverence the ceremony and the chapel.  
  • Glitter, confetti, rice, and birdseed are not allowed in any of the buildings OR on the chapel grounds. 
  • Sparklers are allowed in designated areas – but no explosive fireworks.
  • A Security Officer will be provided by the venue.
  • All chapel properties must be left in the condition in which they were found prior to the wedding.  
  • There are to be no alcoholic beverages brought, served, and/or consumed in any of the buildings or on the chapel/church property.
  • Smoking, vaping, chewing, use of smoking products of any kind, or use of illegal substance is not permitted in any of the buildings or on the chapel/church property.  

Pricing / Fees

*Occupancy numbers listed does not include COVID restrictions*

A $500 Refundable Reservation/ Damage/Policy Compliance Deposit is required for all weddings.

Wedding Only - The Chapel:

 COST:   $ 1,800 Member  -  $ 2,700 Non-Member  -  which includes:

  • The Chapel Facilities for Wedding – up to 300* guests.
  • Venue Coordinator to assist with questions and details related to the venue - and to be present at the wedding rehearsal and wedding ceremony.
  • The Chapel Facilities for the rehearsal and wedding
  • Lighting/sound technician 
  • Security Officer
  • For security purposes, all events in The Chapel will be recorded.  
  • Fees based on venue usage up to 5 hours including rehearsal, setup, wedding, and cleanup.
    • Cleanup should be completed within one hour of the end of the ceremony$150 additional fee for each additional hour - with prior approval


COST:   $ 2,500 Member  -  $ 3,750 Non-Member  -  which includes:

  • The Chapel Facilities for Wedding and The Prayer Garden & Garden Room Facilities for reception.
  • The Garden Room has a max capacity of 75* people standing and 48* seated.
  • Receptions are not allowed in the chapel proper.
  • Venue Coordinator to assist with questions and details related to the venue - and to be present at the wedding rehearsal, wedding ceremony and wedding reception.
  • Lighting / sound technician 
  • Security Officer
  • You are responsible for securing chairs and a tent through an outside Vendor for use in The Prayer Garden, should you want them.  This will require an additional cost. Setup will be approved by Venue Coordinator and the Vendor will be required to comply with VENDORS policy
  • For security purposes, all events in The Chapel will be recorded.  
  • Fees based on venue usage up to 7 hours including rehearsal, setup, wedding, reception, and cleanup.  
    • $150 additional fee for each additional hour - with prior approval


COST:   starting at $400

  • Small stand-up wedding with no setup requirements of the facility staff.
  • FBCCov Officiating Minister to oversee wedding & facility.
  • Fees based on day/time/building usage/cleanup.


*Occupancy numbers listed does not include COVID restrictions*

A $200 Refundable Reservation/Damage/Policy Compliance Deposit is required to secure your event date.

PARTIES / CEREMONIES / SHOWERS  – The Garden Room & The Prayer Garden:  

 COST:  Starting at $300

  • The Garden Room has a max capacity of 75* people standing and 48* seated.
  • Parties or Showers are not allowed in the chapel.
  • Venue Coordinator to assist with questions and details related to the venue.
  • Fees based on day/time/building usage and membership – starting at $100/hour with 3 hours minimum.


  • Venue Coordinator present throughout the event
  • Lighting/sound technician
  • Security Officer may be required at venue discretion.

Food Truck
Please set up an appointment for a site visit to determine location of setup, power/lighting requirements and needs.  Caterer must supply all extension cords.  All the above catering rules apply to Food Trucks.

Food Served through the Staging-Kitchen
All cooking is to be done off-sight. The Garden Room only has a “Staging Kitchen” to be used as a food distribution point – it has (2) refrigerators, (2) 160 warming ovens, a sink, an icemaker, and a microwave.  

Gratuities & Honorariums

The wedding party is responsible for honorariums for the officiating minister, musician, and others.  These gratuities should be given to each individually at the rehearsal.  It is important to remember that each of the individuals have given their time and talents to ensure that your wedding is a joyous and worshipful time.  Please plan to include an appropriate gratuity/honorarium as a token of your appreciation of their service.

More Information

This is meant for general information purposes.  For more information and contract details, please email us at