Christmas Should Be A Year-round Celebration


By: Waylon Bailey ~

“Christmas should be  a year-round event.”

I said those words to Martha and she looked at me skeptically and said: “women are going to stop reading right now and delete your post.”

I don’t mean that the hoopla of Christmas should be year round. That would be too much. We couldn’t take the shopping, the spending, the parties, and the decorating all year, but we do need to emphasize God’s great event 52 weeks a year.

It’s the incarnation (the event of God becoming human flesh) that we need to emphasize over and over.

What should we emphasize about the incarnation of Christ?

First, we need to emphasize God’s plan for the redemption of sinful human beings. From the very beginning, God determined to do a great work through His people Israel. The coming of Jesus into the world and His sacrificial death fulfilled God’s plan. Jesus is the sacrifice given before the foundation of the world.

Second, we need to continually emphasize the miracle of God’s love and grace. God sent His Son to die for us. Even while we were still sinners, Christ died for the unrighteous.

Third, we need to continually emphasize our new status in Christ. We should rejoice in and celebrate our being made new. Because of the cross, we are new creatures.
Finally, we should see the gift of Christ as one event which effected our salvation. From birth to death and resurrection, we worship and adore our precious Savior.
Let us resolve to exalt Christ and follow Him each day of our lives.
Have a great week!