Get Connected with FBC Covington

Have you been to a worship service and are looking for ways to get deeper involved in the church? Here’s some ways to plug in.

1. Go to a Discovery Class

Next Class: March 24th, 2019 from 5-7:30pm

We began this class with two groups in mind; those who are our new members and those who are interested in knowing about membership at FBC. This is a non-threatening way for you to have an opportunity to ask questions as well as get to know the Pastoral Team and other members and worshipers.

Goals of the Discovery Class:

  • Orient you to the purpose, values, vision & strategy of FBC, Covington
  • Describe how membership can be meaningful at FBC, Covington
  • Discuss what makes us who we are
  • Introduce you to FBC, Covington Ministries & Staff
  • Provide a Personal Action Plan to discover your place on the team
  • Allow for a time of Q & A

2. Find a Connect Group

There is nothing more important to us than to help you connect with Christ and His people. Our Connect Group classes are designed with this purpose in mind.

In-depth Bible Study
More than simply hearing another sermon, Connect Groups provide involvement and time to participate in open discussions regarding biblical principles and spiritual growth. This time will help you dig in and better understand the ideas and concepts taught in the Word of God.

Small Groups
Beginning in Connect Groups, a special close-knit circle of friends can be formed beyond the walls of the church. With these groups come a safe place to express concerns and an atmosphere of healthy transparency.

Only in a small group setting like Connect Groups can you be stimulated towards love and ministry, and have the opportunity to encourage one another.

Utilizing Spiritual Gifts In Service
Connect Groups encourages you to be involved in exercising your spiritual gifts to mutually uplift the body of Christ. This is done in a variety of ways to insure that there is something for everyone.

3. Additional Classes: Equip Ministry

Equip Ministry is a series of seasonal classes designed around a variety of topics. Take a look at the current schedule!