Get Connected with FBC Covington

Plug into our church in 3 easy steps. . .

1. Attend a Discovery Class

Next Class: March 29th

Ask your questions, learn our values, and let the Pastoral Team get to know you personally. By the end of the evening, you’ll know the ins and outs of FBC Covington and where you can fit in!

Goals of the Discovery Class:

  • Orient you to the purpose, values, vision & strategy of FBC Covington
  • Explain how membership is meaningful at FBC Covington
  • Introduce you to FBC Covington Ministries & Staff
  • Develop your Personal Action Plan to discover your place on the team
  • Host a time of open Q & A

2. Find a Connect Group

There is nothing more important to us than helping you connect with Christ and His people.

In-depth Bible Study
Instead of simply hearing another sermon, here you’ll wrestle through passages of Scripture together and discuss how God’s Word intersects with real life. You’ll be equipped to dig in for yourself and better understand what God is saying to you through the Bible.

Genuine Friendships
Over time, your Connect Group will turn into a close-knit circle of friends that extends beyond the walls of the church. You’ll build trust with one another and your group will become a safe place of healthy transparency.

Only in a small group setting like Connect Groups can we truly live out the command to “spur one another on toward love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24). Encouragement is contagious, and as we cheer each other on, we’ll discover just how much we need each other’s support.

Spiritual Gifts In Action
Every Christian has a spiritual gift, and it’s not just sitting in a pew! In your Connect Group, you’ll have room to use your gifts of hospitality, mercy, administration, teaching, faith, wisdom, or discernment to uplift the group.

3. Additional Classes: Equip Ministry

The Equip Ministry is a series of seasonal classes designed around a variety of topics. Take a look at the current schedule!