Deacon Ordination

Each year in February/March the Deacon Leadership Team starts the process of selecting men for the next year.  The selection format is that the deacons propose a slate of 15 men to the church for affirmation.  The criteria for Deacons are men who love the Lord, support the church, and are consistently involved in ministry for the church.  They are called to visit the hospitals, handle emergencies, visit nursing homes, and where appropriate, visit the homebound.  This year, due to COVID, they have had to become creative in visits through calls, text, and zoom.

These are the men who have agreed to serve in this capacity for a two-year term.  The first column is the group elected and affirmed last year, so their term runs the two years of 2020 & 2021.  The second column is the group that we, as a church are affirming in all three services this weekend.  Their term will run for the two years of 2021 & 2022.

Part of our worship for January 2-3, 2021, will be a time to pray over our newly ordained deacon, Joey Cochran, and the two newly serving FBCCov deacons, Danny Brown and Carl Fredericks, as well as affirm all 15 men.

-Waylon Bailey