Destination: Inheritance Capital Campaign Draws To A Close

This month concludes the three year journey and adventure of Destination: Inheritance.
Three years ago this month we began the capital fundraising campaign to add a 20,000 square
foot addition to The ROC as well as the addition of a basketball pavilion, sand volleyball courts,
and soccer/softball fields. All of that has been concluded. We only lack the addition of lights for the fields.

I want to thank you on behalf of First Baptist Church for your sacrificial
giving that has brought us to this point.

In October 2008, we (nervously) laughed when I said that we picked the
worst economic time in the last fifty years to begin a capital campaign.
It certainly has been painful in many ways. Yet, I stand amazed at what
God has done. We have completed everything that we set out to do without
entering into new debt. In fact, we have reduced our debt.
Here’s where we stand at this point.

We pledged to give $6,148,000. As of this past Sunday, we have given 70%
of that amount or $4,319,259.81. When we complete the lights, we will
lack only about $600,000 for all of the projects. We are thankful to be at
this place.

Another way to look at it is this. We moved to this location in 2001. In that
ten year period we have purchased 43 acres of land and completed three
building projects and recreation facilities totaling over $22 million. Of that
amount, we need $600,000 to completely pay for everything.

Our Finance team has asked that we keep Destination: Inheritance open
through the end of the year. At that point, we will close the books on the
capital campaign and look to what God wants us to do in the future.
Thank you again for your faithfulness. Please pray for God’s continued
favor on His church.