Disaster Relief

Dr. Waylon Bailey


Hurricane Laura came ashore early Thursday in Cameron Parish Louisiana. We have all seen the
devastation caused by this massive storm. One early report stated that “every structure in Lake
Charles has been damaged in some way.” I hope that estimate is too pessimistic.

For those of us who went through Hurricane Katrina, this was a Katrina-like storm and worse. We know
what a hurricane like that can do. Would you join with me in praying, going, and giving for the needs of
the people and the churches of Southwest Louisiana?

We are already in the process of sending disaster relief teams from our church and our area to
Southwest Louisiana, primarily in the Lake Charles area. We have both a chainsaw team, clearing
roads and removing dangerous trees from houses and driveways, and a mobile kitchen feeding unit.
This is hard work and I want to say a big “thank you” to those who are working.

I am thankful for these people who have been trained in this ministry. This will not be the last need.
Would you consider attending our next training event which is September 19?

I am also thankful that our church is part of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, the third largest disaster
relief organization in America (behind the Red Cross and the Salvation Army).

Would you join with me in giving for the needs of this area? As a church, we are receiving offerings
marked “disaster relief.” We will give these offerings, plus funds from our regular giving, to help
these churches get back on their feet and meet the needs of their people.

I don’t have to tell you how difficult this time has been. Not only have they gone through Covid-19, now
they are going through Hurricane Laura as well.

Would you join with me in being faithful in meeting the needs of hurting people?