Divorce Is Trending

By: Waylon Bailey

No one has to tell us divorce is trending in America. We see the hurt and pain all around us.

I see divorce from a unique perspective. When divorce occurs families are devastated in almost every way. People split up everything. Under the best arrangements, children live in two homes. Sometimes the custody fights rip children away. Even the church loses as someone keeps the church and someone has to leave. The pain for everyone is horrendous.

Nothing hurts like family hurt.

What can we do to make our marriages and families stronger?

First, take time to talk about your hopes and dreams.
When you first contemplated marriage, you talked about what you wanted and how you wanted to live. That same dreaming needs to follow along after the wedding.

Martha and I still take time to talk about our dreams for the future. Since we have an empty nest, our dreams and hopes are different but they are just as real. Talking about your hopes has a way of bringing you together. I suggest you schedule a special time–a date–to talk about the future.

Second, plan a regular date night.
Your family depends on the love of mom and dad. Spend some time and money to build your relationship. It will be the best time you can spend for your children.

Plan special times to get away. Marriages need time and they need romance.

Third, from time to time remind yourselves how you met and what attracted you to one another.
Those are good memories that help solidify a marriage.

Fourth, encourage your mate. Make sure your spouse knows you believe in him/her.
Find ways to show that you care and that you believe and trust one another.

Finally, spend time learning what makes strong, healthy marriages. One resource I have particularly helpful is Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages.

Above all, seek God and His plan for marriage.

May God bless your marriage.