Do It Now!

Oct.14-300x300We all know some things that are important and should never be neglected. Think about some of these.

Loving one another. Inviting God to transform your life. Family.

The list could go on and on. Here is one of the things I believe really matters. “Do it now.”

Last Monday I awoke an hour earlier than I had set the alarm to wake me. I was awake and my mind was working. It didn’t matter that it was Monday after a long, hard Sunday. It didn’t matter that I might have needed an extra hour’s sleep.

I went ahead and got up and in that hour I achieved as much as I would have in any other half day or maybe full day.

People who have to create – – the only ones I know are preachers (you can smile at my myopic view of life)–must ”do it now.” You can’t say “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” You must think about it now.

Long ago, Martha became accustomed to my getting up in the middle of the night and writing notes. Sunday is always coming. When I finish on a Sunday night, I am reminded that next Sunday is right around the corner. I have to do it again.

When I have an idea, I must write it down. You can’t assume you will remember it. The inspiration is not something you can turn on and turn off.

You must do it now.

Last Monday morning, within an hour and a half, I had put together the week’s blogs. They weren’t finished and they weren’t polished, but the ideas were on the screen waiting for me to do the editing and the rearranging.

If you have the kind of responsibilities I have, take full advantage of those times when you are inspired and when the ideas are flowing. Based on my experience, you will not get a second chance. Do it now.

There are many, many other things in life that need to be done now.

Don’t wait to say “I love you.” Don’t wait to tell your children how much they matter to you.

Don’t miss an opportunity to tell someone what God has done for you and how your life has been transformed by the gospel.

Live your life to the fullest now. Give yourself to God. Serve him today.

“Do it now.”

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