Do You Have Any Extra Money?

BE Something

By: Waylon Bailey ~

It’s almost laughable isn’t it? Who has extra money? It seems there is never quite enough.

But, this is a real question. Do have extra money that you could put to good use?

I can give you many suggestions of how you might do that, but today I have only one suggestion for a way you can put extra money to use–it’s called the Georgia Barnette Offering, named after a missionary and prayer warrior in Louisiana.

The Georgia Barnette Offering is used to evangelize, start churches, and care for people’s needs right here in Louisiana.

We have many needs in our state.

Think about New Orleans. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary was begun partly to do mission work in the very difficult to reach city of New Orleans.

In spite of all that has been done, New Orleans remains resistant to the Gospel. It is the mission field right next door.

The Georgia Barnette Offering helps fund mission work in New Orleans, particularly new churches and new places where the Gospel is preached.

Think about churches throughout the state. Louisiana is not like other southern states. We don’t have churches on every corner, and the Bible belt is not part of our heritage. If you’re from Texas, Arkansas, or Mississippi, you’ve noticed Louisiana is right next door but it’s different. One of the things that is different is the scarcity of long established and vibrant churches.

The two years I served as president of the Louisiana Baptist Convention opened my eyes to many of the needs of our state. We have about half as many churches as neighboring states and half of our churches do not have a full-time pastor.

Maybe the question should not be if you have extra money, but do you have money to invest in the Kingdom of God right here in Louisiana? You can give your extra funds by marking your offering “GBO” or use your special offering envelope for your offering.

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