Do You Know Truth When You See It?

Challenging-a-Statement-of-TruthWhat is the truth?

Two Saturdays ago I DVRed a late Saturday football game. I did so because the game I wanted to see started at 6 PM, the same time when I am preaching in our Saturday night worship service.

When I arrived home after 8 PM I fired up the DVR ready to watch an interesting ball game.

I was amazed at what I found. Instead of Florida versus LSU, I found the last minutes of Michigan State at Michigan. I almost ran the DVR ahead to the game I had planned to watch, but for some reason I stayed to see how good Michigan and Michigan State looked.

You probably know how that ended. With 10 seconds left in the game, Michigan had the game in the bag. They were ahead by two points with 10 seconds left. All they had to do was kick the ball down the field and the game would be over.

At that point, I almost ran the DVR ahead again, but I finally waited for the last 10 seconds to go off the clock.

I saw an amazing outcome. The Michigan deep snapper snapped the ball low and the punter fumbled the ball. He then picked up the ball and tried to kick it. Instead, he missed it and the ball flew into the hands of a Michigan State rusher who then took the ball into the end zone as the clock expired.

It was almost as good an ending as the Kick Six.

All of that made it an interesting evening, but it got even more interesting

At the same time Michigan State was scoring and winning the game, a local Ann Arbor sports reporter was outside the stadium putting together a promo for the 10 o’clock news.

This is the gist of what he said.

“Michigan State and Michigan played a hard fought game. Each team was frustrated with the officiating, but in the end, it came down to Michigan State’s outstanding quarterback against Michigan’s outstanding defensive backfield. Michigan won the battle, and Michigan won the game. Footage at 10 o’clock.”

You have to feel sorry for that reporter whose name will always be known in the state of Michigan as the reporter who got the winner wrong.

I didn’t think so much about the wrong winner as I did about the importance of truth.

We live in a culture that believes there is no absolute truth. All truth is relative. Truth is what you think it is. If it’s true to you then it’s true. Truth becomes whatever you think it is.

This illogical belief leads us away from the Sovereign God of the universe who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. It leads us away from the revelation of God found in Holy Scripture.

Think how illogical this is. No Michigan State fan after the game would allow you to say Michigan won the game, but that’s where relative truth leads us.

We worship the God who is the Truth. He is sovereign and unchanging. He is the creator of the ends of the earth. He put the sun, moon, and stars in place. He knows every star by name and each one serves his purpose.

We must be people of the truth who speak of those things which we have seen and heard.

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