Equip Ministry

Whether you are exploring the Christian faith, beginning a relationship with Christ, or growing and maturing in your faith, we offer classes and resources designed to help you. Equip classes cover a wide range of topics from Bible study, theology and apologetics to biblical stewardship and leadership. Regardless of the topic, our goal is to help you grow in your knowledge and application of the truth.

Consider these four stages of a faith journey:

You may have questions or doubts about what the Bible says, feel skeptical about the church, or may seek God in times of need. You want to know more about real faith and what “church” is all about.


You may have questions about what living for Christ means and have an increasing desire to connect with God and His purpose for your life. Your desire has led you to consider three important relationships: your relationship with Christ, His Church, and developing community with other believers.

Growing & Enriching

You are growing in Christ through community with others and bearing spiritual fruit that represents being connected to Him. Growing in Christ is a natural and supernatural result of following Christ. As we grow in Christ through abiding, giving, and serving, we become more like Jesus. Your growing relationship with Him makes you want to know more about Jesus and be more like Him.

Maturing & Multiplying

You want to influence others and your world for Christ. You desire to do so by pouring your life into others. You want to bring Christ into the culture you encounter on a regular basis. You want to know how to defend the faith and influence people for the glory of God.

Finding a Class that is Right for You.

  1. Determine where you are on your journey of faith.
  2. Choose a class that fits your journey of faith and will help you take the next step toward maturity.
  3. Register for your selected class at the button below or email Carrie at callen@fbccov.org
  4. Invite others to join with you.
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Changed: A Study of the Book of James – Women’s Bible Study

Wednesday Mornings Beginning September 4
Are you different now than you were before you came to know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior? Have you changed? Just as it is God’s plan for a caterpillar to be transformed into a beautiful butterfly through the amazing process of metamorphosis, it is also His plan for you to be transformed into a Christlike individual through the power of the Holy Spirit. CHANGED is a study of the Book of James and selected passages from other wisdom literature in the Old and New Testaments. It will help you in your spiritual transformation by showing you what practical Christianity looks like.

Led By: Martha Bailey
10:00 – 11:45 am | Central Hall | No cost but registration required
Childcare by reservation only (ddrivon@fbccov.org)

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ESL for Spanish Speakers

Sunday Afternoons Beginning September 8
Led By: Duncan Young
4:00 – 6:00 pm | Room W412

Classes Starting October 2, 2019:

Wednesday Evenings
Equip Night Schedule:

5:00-6:30pm – Fellowship Meal & Library Open
6:00pm – Orchestra Rehearsal
6:30pm – Preschool / Children/ Youth
6:45-7:45pm – Equip Classes
6:45pm – Adult Worship Choir

A Beautiful Design: God’s Unchanging Plan for Manhood & Womanhood

God created us to function according to His perfect design, and for all of human history, our world has been male and female. But our ever-changing culture faces challenges due to sin. More than ever the church needs to be a safe refuge for the gender-confused, the sexually broken, the single, the married, and the divorced. In this study, Matt Chandler gives evidence that God’s plan for man and woman is the ultimate design. And life lived within this beautiful and unchanging design is part of His greater purpose for humanity.

Led By: Paul Keating
W408 | 9 Weeks | Available in Bookstore

Unexpected: Leave Fear Behind, Move Forward in Faith, Embrace the Future

Unexpected is a five-session video Bible study by Christine Caine that helps women step into their God-given calling by anticipating, welcoming, and even embracing the unexpected. Life is full of surprises. How can we move forward when we’re faced with the unknown? Using personal stories and biblical examples, author Christine Caine offers real-life strategies to help you journey from fear to hope. Discover how to embrace the unexpected, strengthen your faith, choose your destiny, and trust that God is in control.

Led By: Paul Keating
W408 | 9 Weeks | Available in Bookstore

Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World: An Apologetics Survey

1) Why young Christians are leaving the Church and rethinking faith.
2) Reliability of the Old Testament.
3) A short life of Christ.
4) God’s Word in modern theology.
5) Christianity versus world religions.

Led By: Scott Hymel
W402 | 8 Weeks | No purchase necessary

The Smart Stepfamily: 7 Steps to a Healthy Family

In The Smart Stepfamily, leading expert Ron L. Deal reveals the seven fundamental steps to blended family success and provides practical, realistic solutions to the issues you face as a stepfamily. Whether married or soon-to-be-married, you’ll discover how to communicate effectively and solve the everyday puzzles of stepchildren relationships.

Led By: Majure & Marie Savell and Bruce & Michelle Greene
W405 | 8 Weeks | Available in Bookstore

Renovation of the Heart: Putting on the Character of Christ

Renovation of the Heart, a bestseller by Dallas Willard, explains the common misunderstandings about human nature and the discipleship process by outlining the general pattern of personal spiritual transformation — not as a formula, but as a systematic process. As intentional apprentices of Jesus, we are to move deeper into a relationship with God while becoming more like Jesus. In his unique, winning way, Willard guides you in discovering your true identity while exploring spiritual growth in a new way.

Led By: Dr. Bill Boren
W412 | 8 Weeks | Available in Bookstore

Ongoing Classes:

Sunday Evenings
REFIT: Exercise and Faith

REFIT® is a Revolutionary fitness experience that changes people from the inside out. REFIT® workouts are for everybody regardless of age, shape, size or ability. The workout formula is easy to follow and will both challenge fitness enthusiasts and welcome beginners.

Led by: Lori Lewis
East Assembly | Ongoing | No Cost | Women’s Class | Begins 5:00PM

Tuesday Evenings
Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a ministry that facilitates God’s healing and frees adults from addictive, compulsive, or self-destructive behaviors. The eight guiding principles of the program allow participants to find a new rhythm in their journey through life and deepen their relationship with the Savior.

Central Hall | Ongoing | No Cost | Begins 7:00PM

The Landing

The Landing is a year-long program that helps middleschool and high-school students (ages 12-18 and 6th-12th grade) travel the path to freedom, healing, and wholeness. This dynamic resource mirrors the content presented in the adult Celebrate Recovery Program.

East Assembly | Ongoing | No Cost | Begins 7:00PM

Celebration Station

Celebration Station is a complementary children’s resource to Celebrate Recovery. Adults explore topics that bring healing and wholeness and kids discover the same truths in age-appropriate ways! Celebration Station is for children in K- 5th grade.

Base Camp – Children’s Assembly | Ongoing | No Cost | Begins 7:00PM | Free childcare available from birth through PreK.

Wednesday Evenings
Pastor’s Bible Study

Walk through Scripture verse by verse. Our pastor leads an in depth study of God’s word week by week and challenges participants to live a life worthy of the gospel. His current study explores the book of Acts and is filled with practical application for everyday living.

Led By: Dr. Waylon Bailey
Fellowship Hall | No Cost | Ongoing | Begins 6:45PM

Thursday Mornings
Grief Share

You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. Grief Share resources help you recover from your loss and look forward to rebuilding your life.

Led By: Debbie Schmidt
Decision Counseling Room | Ongoing | No Cost | Begins 9:00AM

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