Evil and the Birth of Christ

By: Waylon Bailey ~

We live in a world of evil. We don’t even have to read news reports to understand that evil is all around and constantly with us.

The birth of Jesus shows us the magnitude of that evil.

Jesus was born when Herod the Great was king. He was a king like the most awful dictators of history. He belongs in the same sentence with Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Saddam.

When Herod heard about the true king of Israel being born, he immediately set plans in place to kill the child and anyone else who got in the way. That is why he had no compulsion about killing the children of Bethlehem.

Jesus birth did not eradicate evil; it magnified it. It showed it for what it is.

While Jesus’ birth did not eradicate evil, that day is coming.

In the same way that the birth of Jesus fulfilled the promises of the Old Testament, the day is coming when Christ will return and evil will be no more.

It’s almost beyond comprehension to realize that it is closer than it’s ever been.

Christ is going to return and split the clouds, and we shall ever be with the Lord.

When He returns three amazing events will occur among many amazing events.

First, we will no longer be plagued by our old sinful nature. We have a nature to sin. While our salvation changed us and made us new, it did not remove our sinful nature. For this reason, we still struggle with temptation and sin.

The day is coming, however, when that will no longer be the case. We will not struggle with the old nature.

Second, when Christ returns we will no longer face temptation.

Third, we will live in a world without sin.

All three of this astounding truths seem so remote. In reality, they are just around the corner for all of us.

The birth of Christ was the first nail in the coffin of evil. The day is coming when sin and evil will be gone forever.

Thanks be to God for giving us the victory in Christ Jesus.

That is the real meaning of Christmas.