Four Game Changers for Your Church


By: Waylon Bailey ~

I promise.

Adopt these four attitudes and practices and your church experience will be decisively changed for the better.

What are they?

First, acknowledge that what you think of the church or pastor or preaching is of little consequence. It really doesn’t matter what I think of the church. What matters is what Christ thinks of the church.

To get a first-hand view of what Christ thinks of the church go to Revelation 1-3 and read what the Spirit says to the churches. Jesus did not comment on the preaching or the music; He dealt with obedience, purity, right belief, and faithfulness.

As we worship and serve, we should be more concerned with what Christ thinks of us and less concerned with what we think of the church.

Second, make a commitment.

One of the modern issues about the church is the number of people who have no interest in commitment. They attend to “be fed” or something and they can simply pull up stakes and move.

Another modern phenomenon concerns the number of people who attend multiple churches without ever making a commitment to give, serve, or minister.

Third, act like a host instead of a guest. A host is responsible and concerned about what takes place.

My fear is that many long time church members think more like a guest. At some point after your commitment to the church, you should be thinking like an owner or host and not simply as a customer or guest.

Finally, think about what you can do to preserve the health and unity of the church. When you read Paul’s letters to the churches, you immediately see his concern for church health and unity.

Practice these attitudes and actions and you will change the way you view church.