Four Things to Make Your Church Better

I love the church. I always have.

For all of my adult life, I have been actively involved in a local church.

While I don’t have all wisdom or all knowledge, I have definite ideas of how you can make your own local church better in ministry, service, and impact.

Let me give you four things you can do to make your church better.
First, pray more. Pray more fervently, and pray believing. Pray particularly for the leadership of the church.

When you pray, pray positively. I am amazed how many people are negative in their prayers. I can assure you God already knows everything that is wrong or unlovely in the lives of the people around you. They probably don’t need you to pray about those things.

What your leaders do need is for you to pray for wisdom and blessings for them.

Ask God to show favor upon the leadership of the church. Your praying for God‘s favor will bring favor for yourself as well.
Pray for the ministries of your church. Ask God to bless the areas where your church is ministering. Pray for deacons and Sunday school teachers and those who lead ministries.

Second, find a ministry and get deeply involved. Serving will make your church better. When you serve, you will like the church more, and you will begin to take ownership.

Churches always need more volunteers. This is especially true with younger preschoolers and children.

Third, check your attitude at the door. Bad attitudes and disgruntled people harm churches. Be an example of serving positively and joyfully.

“Let this mind be in you which also was in Christ Jesus“ (Philippians 2:5). Jesus had the attitude of a servant. If you will have the same attitude, you will love your church more, and you will make it better.

Fourth, give. You should give because God tells us to do so, but you should also give to bless your church as it ministers to your community and around the world.

Here is how I suggest that you determine how much you should give. Pray fervently about your giving. Pray as earnestly about how much you should give as you do about being healed of a sickness. Don’t be lazy in prayer. Earnestly seek God‘s guidance.

Do these four things and I can almost guarantee that you will have a better church to attend and in which to serve.

Have a great week!

by Waylon Bailey