Four Ways to Have a Fulfilling Summer


By: Waylon Bailey

I love summer. I love other seasons, but summer is special.

I even like warm (actually, hot) weather.

Summer gives us opportunities to do special things. During the summer we get vacations and Vacation Bible School. We get to get away and think differently.

I would like to challenge you to make this summer a special time to grow.

What are ways you can grow and have a fulfilling summer.

First, use your summer to grow spiritually. Look for ways to grow closer to God and stronger in His service.

I would encourage you to use your summer to read the New Testament. It’s pretty easy to do and abundantly fulfilling. The New Testament only contains 260 chapters. Read three chapters a day during June, July, and August and you will have finished the entire New Testament.

Why not challenge your children to read the NT over the summer? And, why not do it with them? Reading the Bible together will provoke some interesting conversations for your family.

Second, use your summer to build good, solid family relationships. When our girls were home we would do the special things families do. We would put 1000 piece puzzles together. We especially enjoyed card games–the faster and more competitive the better. We laughed and talked late into the night, often “wearing me out” over the course of the summer because I had to get up early and go to work!

Summer time is a great outdoors time. Children love the outdoors and love adventure. Find something special to do with your children to make this a summer to remember.

As a pastor in Bogalusa, Louisiana, several of us made a trip to Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center where I had the opportunity to teach the Bible for the conference. While there we took advantage of several adventures in the mountains surrounding Black Mountain, NC. One of the deacons of the church encouraged me to do special things with my girls because we would be “making memories.”

I encourage you to make some memories this summer.

Third, learn something new. Life contains a myriad of things to challenge you that can help you for a lifetime. For example, how many times do you multiply 12 times 15 or 12 times 18? Do you have to get a calculator or a take a few minutes to figure it out? Why not learn the multiplication tables for the teens? It will help your brain to learn something new, and you’ll be surprised how often you use it!

Fourth, make the summer a time of working on your diet and getting yourself in shape. As my mother used to say, “you are what you eat and what you think.” The Bible will help with what you think; we need to work on what we eat as well.

This summer can be the greatest you have ever had. Dedicate your summer to God, and ask Him to do something special in your life.

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