Getting Ready for Easter

By Waylon Bailey.

This may be the most meaningful Easter you have had since the time of your salvation. God is at what bringing revival to His people.

What can we do to truly see the truth of Christ?

Read Scripture. If you have children at home, include them in understanding that this event is real and that it means the world to you.

I would suggest that you spend the weekend reading the entire last week of the life of Jesus in one of the Gospels or you could read all four accounts.

This is where you will find these passages:

Matthew 21-28, Mark 11-16, Luke 19:28-24:53, John 12-21.

Have your own Sunrise Service. The sun rises in the Central Time Zone at 6:36 AM (you may want to check the time for your location). Why not get up and have a brief time of worship and then have a good breakfast? That’s how the family I grew up in celebrated Easter. That might be especially meaningful for you. If you live alone or even if you don’t you might take a walk before sunrise and talk along the way about the Lord as the sun rises.

Make sure that you worship God by joining the people around you as you view Easter services.Take the opportunity to sing, pray, give, read Scripture, and listen to the word. As a result of your worship, think about where you are in your relationship with Christ. Can you be described as deeply committed or are you lackadaisical? Are you growing and helping others to grow?

Invite someone to “attend” worship with you this Easter. You will be amazed at how meaningful your worship is when you are encouraging others to hear the word with you. Do this early today or tomorrow so that people can get their plans in order.

May God bless you with a wonderful Easter celebration!