Great Starts

Metairie Church got off to a great start last week. About 80 people showed up for the initial meeting of this newest worship service of First Baptist Church and for our first multi-campus site.

Many of the people who attended were members of FBC who attended to introduce a friend or relative to Metairie Church. Others were there to serve and to minister. I am thankful for the pastoral team of FBC, especially Jay Johnston, Jared Stacy, and Bryan Umphenour for their leadership.

How will the church grow? By prayer, dependance on God, and day by day, week by week work. At least, that is the way FBC Covington has grown over my years as your pastor. Will you pray for the ministry of FBC, especially this new aspect with Metairie Church? Will you look for people to share your faith with and include in our ministry? Metairie Church will grow and our church will increase when we minister in all of these ways.

Thursday morning on the northshore (in the Castine Center) was a beautiful and encouraging sight. One thousand men met to hear and meet Joe Gibbs, three time Super Bowl winning coach and three time Nascar champion, talk about football, Nascar, and life. Joe Gibbs is using his life, finances, and influence to help men know Christ.

We were thankful for a great morning where men were introduced to the good news. Clif Smith and his team provided a great experience for our community.

Would you pray for these men who received an introduction to the gospel? Would you pray they would respond to the Savior in repentance and faith?

God wants to do a great work around the Gulf Coast. Please pray and find a place to serve as God works in our area.

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