Lagniappe: Happy birthday, First Baptist Church!

This past week, Valentine’s Day, marked the 120th anniversary of the establishment of a Baptist church in Covington. The year was 1904 and for the first time ever Covington had a Baptist church.

It’s almost hard to believe because the City of Covington was established in 1813. Therefore, from 1813 to 1904 there was no Baptist worship and witness in Covington.

As we celebrate this day, I want to remind you of two things.

First, I want us to acknowledge what God, and only God, can do. God took a small struggling group of people and year by year molded them into a large stable congregation. We should give thanks for such a great work of God that benefits each of us day by day,

Second, I want us to remember all those who have gone before us. They were the trailblazers. They left us an example of faithfulness and service on which we have worked to build God’s church.

As we look back on what God has done, let us also look forward to what God will do through us in the future.