Having Coffee with God

hot tea

This morning I had coffee with God.

This is the way it happened.

I deliberately sought God in my life, looking at Scripture and spending time in intense and intentional prayer.

I call this time “Having Coffee with God.” My den is set up perfectly. Martha and I have stuffed chairs with an ottoman. Between the chairs is a round table with a lamp. I sit on the right hand side and Martha on the left. Since my coffee with God is extra early in the morning, I invite God to sit in Martha’s chair.

Please don’t think I am diminishing God by this way of thinking of God. I don’t do this to diminish God, I do so to exalt Him and to worship Him.

I am worshiping the God is who present, who is so present that He is right in the room with me. This morning I thanked Him for spending time with me and allowing me to spend time with Him.

You may know the spiritual discipline called “practicing the presence of God.” We all know God is everywhere, He is omnipresent. He is not everything, but He is everywhere. Practicing the presence of God means you recognize He is here.

This practice has tremendous significance for our behavior. If God is right here with me, as close as the chair next to me, then God really does see and know everything about me.

If I practice His presence, I am much more likely to take sin seriously. I once counseled a young man with a pornography problem to practice the presence of God, specifically to take God with Him to the computer. Months later, he described how practicing God’s presence had led him to view his sin so differently and how he was a changed person.

If I have coffee with God early in the morning, I am filling my mind and my day with God’s presence. His word is permeating my life. His values and His thoughts are filling my mind.

Our intimate times with God are different. You don’t have to do what I do, but we all need significant time with Him. As we spend time in His presence, He begins to change our desires and our values.

May God bless your time with Him.

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