Home Improvement

Tips-for-Improving-the-Value-of-Your-HomeLast week Martha and I did some “home improvement” shopping.

For us, home improvement shopping means that we’re looking for something for the house – – whether big or small – – that we think we need.

Our approach is to visit several businesses to see what the possibilities are. Last week we just made it a way to get out and do something different. We enjoyed the time together.

As we aimlessly walked down one aisle looking at all the things that could be bought we approached another family doing the same kind of thing. Except they were a different kind of family, a mom and dad and two little boys maybe four and three years old.

They weren’t walking simply to be looking. They were on a mission. Everyone in the family had that look. They knew what they were looking for, and they were ready to get it.

As we approached, we said hello or how are you or something appropriate. That’s just what we do.

They responded very appropriately. I forget exactly how, but they either smiled or nodded their head or said something to us. We were almost gone by when the three-year-old began to be very animated and excited. It was so much so that Martha began to talk with him. They carried on a nice little conversation while all the rest of us just listened and watched this taking place.

Finally, I said we need to be going and we started walking away when the three-year-old shouted excitedly, “We are getting a pool!”

His excitement couldn’t be contained. He assumed everybody wanted and needed a pool. He assumed everybody would be as excited as he was.

He was fun to watch.

There are things in life that everyone needs.

I can’t think of anything more necessary than to experience the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Paul said there are two ways to live. You can live according to your old sinful nature or you can walk according to the Spirit.

We all get to decide which way we will live. Paul said there is no law against the fruit of the Spirit. After all, who doesn’t want and need what the spirit has to give? Paul put it this way: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such there is no law” (Galatians 5:22–23).

These are the things we desperately need. Who in their right mind would ever pass a law against such things?

The really good news is we can all have the fruit of the Spirit. It comes by deliberately desiring God in our lives. It comes by turning from our old way and yielding to the ways of God.

Who doesn’t want and need love, joy, and peace?

Remember, you can have as much of God as you wish. It’s up to you.