How A Rainy Sunday Blessed Our Church

sunday_morning_rain_is_falling_by_d_u_d-d3gkmatThrough the years I have half-humorously wondered how God could let it rain on Sunday morning. Rain–especially the prolonged and heavy variety–creates havoc for church attendance. Why does that happen?

The last two Sundays couldn’t have been much worse in south Louisiana. We have had two full weekends of rain–constant, unceasing rain. We’ve had light rain continuously and heavy downpours intermittently.

Who would want to get out in that kind of weather?

But, last weekend’s rain was such a blessing to our church.

We had a “Trunk or Treat” ministry established for Saturday afternoon. It’s when people dress-up and use their car trunks to give out candy to kids. It’s a great pre-evangelism outreach tool.

“Trunk or Treat” is an established ministry that has been carried out by some churches for a long time, but we did it for the first time at FBC Covington. It was a marvelous hit!

What helped make it so good was a very good leadership team and a good rainy Halloween day. We think the rainy Saturday may have doubled our participation. Kids couldn’t otherwise get out, but they could have a great time at church.

Early in the week our leadership team decided to be ready in case we had the 100% chance of rain that was being forecast. They moved it inside and put it together extremely well. Everybody involved demonstrated flexibility.

We were blessed.

These are the kinds of things churches must do in present day America.

No longer are churches considered the anchor of the community. No longer is the Christian message considered a message of hope–or even truth. Churches generate mistrust and suspicion.

We’ve returned to the first century when the pagan culture thought of the church as cannibals because they ate the body and the blood of Christ.

The church needs to pray for rainy weekends when we can get involved with people who wouldn’t normally come to a church. We must continue to think outside the box to help people hear the good news of Christ. For many people that will not be a church service at all–it will be a community ministry.

The next generation in America–the ones who are trick or treating now–will be the largest in American history. What happens in the future in America may be won or lost with this generation (often known as Generation Z).

We will not get many chances to reach this Generation Z. We need to keep praying for God to bless those opportunities like “Trunk or Treat,” Vacation Bible School, and Upward Recreation ministries to engage this generation and their parents.

I have four grandchildren in Generation Z. We must give our all and pray for the work of God’s Spirit to make a difference in their lives.

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