How I Came to Faith in Christ

LEE'S BURGERSI appreciate all of you who read this blog day by day. Many of you are members of the congregation where I serve as pastor. Others live across the country.

Whether you know me personally or not, it’s good for you to hear how I came to faith in Christ.

I certainly celebrate the lives of those people who come to faith as adults, but I recognize the tremendous blessing of those parents who lead their children to a life of faith and devotion to Christ.

I was blessed to be a part of just such a family. My mother and father became members of the Brantley Baptist Church shortly after they were married. When my mother became pregnant, the church placed me on what was called the cradle roll, a bulletin board which celebrated the forthcoming birth of babies. It was a way for the church to pray and to celebrate. I was blessed to have parents who attended church regularly and who endeavored to bring me up in a life permeated by prayer, church, and Scripture.

I was also blessed to be part of a loving church family. This church gave me vacation Bible school, Scripture memorization, and training in Christian living

These two forces are instrumental in providing an environment where children can hear the leading of God’s Spirit calling them to faith.

If I had control over any thing I would create just such environments in the homes of young families.

The very best thing you can give your children is an environment in which God is exalted and honored and an environment where Scripture and prayer are at the center of the family.

These positive forces led me to hear the leading of the Holy Spirit when I was nine years old.

This is how it happened: I asked my mother about faith in Christ, being baptized, and church membership. I don’t remember how I started the conversation, but I well remember how it ended. My mother quoted acts 16:31, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”

I remember what happened next as well. We were riding in our automobile. My little brother was in the front seat with my mother and I was in the backseat. After she quoted Scripture the conversation ended. I sat back, closed my eyes, and to God alone prayed, “Lord, I believe.”

At that point God the Holy Spirit indwelt my life and I have never been the same sense. I thank God for his direction in my life.

Tomorrow, I plan to write what this has done for me all these years.

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