How I’m Praying for My Grandchildren

faith-black-whiteI have four grandchildren in Generation Z. Their ages range from 14 to 3 years old. They will grow up in the greatest time of change that I can imagine. Culture has flip-flopped in the few years of my oldest grandson. He was born ten days after 9/11. He has grown up during the most devastating recession in American history and is witnessing a great reversal in the course of our country.

My grandchildren are facing challenges that their parents never imagined and that their grandparents and great-grandparents would have never believed. This generation needs to be covered by the prayers of the saints.

This is how I am praying for this generation.

First, I am praying for a harvest of souls from this generation to know Christ and follow Him. I am praying for Vacation Bible Schools and Upward Recreation–two ministries our church has specifically targeted to reach children with the good news.

Many people wonder about the salvation of children. All I know is the testimony of many believers who came to know Christ early in life. Jesus came into my life at age nine. He has always been with me. When I give my testimony, it is about how the Holy Spirit has always been with me. I have never been alone, and I have never been without hope.

I want those things for my grandchildren and for their generation.

Second, I am praying for this generation to follow Christ all of their lives. When I speak to a child about faith, I talk about the future. We teach how to be a follower of Christ and how to grow in Him. I pray for them to follow Christ for all of their lives.

Third, I am praying for this generation to know and love God’s Word. Children are open to God and His Word. I am praying for them to return the church to biblical faith.

Fourth, I am praying for them to commit to the biblical view of marriage–one man and one woman for a lifetime. I am praying they will have strong, committed marriages which will exalt Christ and be an example to a world without many examples of God’s plan for marriage.

Fifth, I am praying for them to lead the churches toward holiness and Godliness–that the church will be seen correctly as a hospital for sinners and a place where genuine faith is lived out.

Sixth, I am specifically praying for my grandchildren by name. I am praying that Jake, Chase, and Luke would be strong, courageous, and Godly men who lead their families and love the church. I am praying that Reagan would be a wonderful woman of God, blessing her children and nurturing them in the ways of God.

Finally, I am praying that this generation would be a mighty force for God, obeying His will and accomplishing His purpose.