How To Make A Giving Decision

We know we need to be givers, but we also know it’s difficult to give. How do you make a giving decision? Once you’ve decided to give, where do you give your money?

Like most everything else, I believe a giving decision should be made after looking at the Scripture and spending time in prayer.

God makes plain in Scripture that we should be givers. God loves cheerful givers.

I suggest that you spend time listening to God–listen in prayer and seek to find where and how God wants you to give.

I hope you’ve decided to give to please God and to bless people.

Can I suggest some places where you might give extra money this Christmas?

1. Local charities. St. Tammany and the Northshore has a number of wonderful charities where you can entrust your money. If you would like a list, I will be glad to help you with suggestions. First Baptist Church supports many of these ministries and we feel they help make a difference in our community.

Be sure that you give to charities that handle money correctly and well.

2. Benevolence needs. Each year our Christmas Eve offering is used for benevolence needs. Giving to this offering becomes a blessing to people with needs all year long.

3. Foreign missions. The International Mission Board supports almost 5000 missionaries and their 4000 children in dozens of countries around the world. You can give to meet this need by giving for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. This offering supplies one-half of the budget of the International Mission Board. Through this offering, you will help people around the world hear the life-giving Gospel message.

This is written, like most of Lagniappe columns, from the perspective of FBC Covington. Wherever you live, I hope you will be a giver. This is a natural time to make a difference in ministries and people’s live.

May God bless your Christmas and your giving for the needs of our community and the world.