How to Pray for the Church

By: Waylon Bailey ~

While we pray for so many things–most of them entirely pleasing to God, do you pray for your church? Shouldn’t our churches be near the top of the list of our prayers?

I want to encourage those who attend FBC Covington to covenant to pray for the church. For those of you who attend other churches all across the country, I want to ask you to pray for your church and the churches around you.

Satan loves nothing more than destroying the reputation and significance of churches. As go the churches of our country, so goes the country.

Please make a commitment to pray for your church.

Let me give you several ways to pray for your church.

First, pray for your own spiritual growth and development. Pray for holiness for yourself and for the people around you. Set an example in living a life pleasing to God. This will do more for your church than anything else you can do. God wants us to live holy lives. Pray that we might show God’s love and power to a broken world.

Second, pray that God would send laborers into His harvest. These are the exact words of Jesus. As He looked over the world, He saw that the God is preparing a great harvest. He told His disciples to pray for laborers in God’s harvest.

Yesterday, I visited a church in our state. The pastor said something that is normally said in every church. He said that the next generation needed to experience God’s grace and salvation. Then he said what I have said many times. We need people to work with preschoolers and children.

Would you join with me in praying for laborers in the harvest?

Third, pray for your church leadership. This includes pastoral leaders and member leaders. Ask God to guide those who have the responsibility of large decisions.

Pray that these leaders would lead with integrity.

Finally, follow the example of Jesus who told us to ask God to lead us not to temptation but to deliver us from the evil one. 

Almost everyday, I ask God to deliver me from the evil one.

Would you pray that prayer for your church? God wants to lead you and your church. Pray for God’s blessings as we seek to follow Him.

Have a great week!