“I Am Fantastic, How Are You?”

“I am fantastic, how are you?”

A couple of Saturdays ago I stopped by St. Tammany Parish Hospital to make a visit after our Saturday evening service. Since it was later in the evening, the information desk was manned by a Sheriff’s deputy.

As I walked by I innocently asked “How are you?”

His reply caught me by surprise: “I am fantastic, how are you?”

When a stranger responds with that kind of affirmative attitude, I usually smile and say, “I’m not doing quite as well as you, but I’m still doing well!”

When I say that, people normally will laugh and we both move on. This deputy did something different. He wouldn’t let it go. He said, “Fantastic is a state of mind. It’s up to you.”

Fantastic is a state of mind. Many things in life are a state of mind as well. You’ve probably heard the famous saying, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” The proverb found in the King James Version of the Bible is so true, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

Life is not as simple as responding, “I’m fantastic,” but it is important to have a positive outlook, understand that there are many things you can control, and that your attitude is one of those things.

I may not ever get to the point of responding to a “How are you?” greeting with “I’m fantastic!”, but I know I am happier when I smile, look people in the eye, and greet them as I meet them.I also know I’m happier when I determine early in the day to have a good, positive outlook about the day. Part of my devotional time in the morning is to get myself “happy in the Lord” so that I can make the most of the day.

As spend time with God, I need to remember I’m not alone. I need to meditate on the fact that God is with me, and He never leaves me, and that I can depend on Him.

I need to remember He gives guidance and wants to be involved in my life.I need to let God’s word feed my mind so that I can be renewed in Him.

How are you today?

How are you going to face the day?

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