I Need Days Like This

I’m writing (actually dictating) this sitting on the front porch of my house after a strenuous time of working in the yard on the Fourth of July. I’ve decided that I really like working around my house.

I’ve always liked physical exercise, probably because that’s the way I grew up and because I don’t get much opportunity for physical exercise now.

We had a good day. I worked early and late in my yard. We spent the middle of the day with family.

I really do need days like this.

But it’s not just me. We all need days to be quiet, or alone, or days like mine where I could worship and work and enjoy time with God.

We need these kind of days because God made us for them. At the very beginning, and before sin entered the world, we were made for days like this.

Though it seems strange to us, God could’ve chosen any way to make His world work.

God made us to work and rest. He chose a seven day work week. It mirrored His creation and His activity.

You and I do best when we follow all of God’s plan, including a day of rest and worship.

Before our church began having a Saturday evening worship service, I followed having a literal Sabbath rest. I thought of myself as being free from Friday at 6 PM (when the Jewish Sabbath begins) until Saturday at 6 PM. During that time I tried to be free from the worries of a sermon and simply focus on family, friends, and God.

Don’t we all need days like that? Isn’t that what God meant by giving the Sabbath? Didn’t He intend for us to focus on family, friends, and Him?

Don’t you need those times with God?

It’s easy to get caught up in a busy world and miss what God created the world for. Remember, the sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.

We all need days for rest and recuperation, days when we can examine our relationship with God and with others.

I encourage you to find those kind of days.

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