By: Waylon Bailey ~

Sometimes I simply wonder about things.

Often we wonder about why things happen the way they do and why people make destructive decisions.

Sometimes we even wonder if God is present and working in our lives. Does He really have a plan? Is He working all things together for our good?

Our next sermon series is titled “I Wonder.”

We will use the next five weeks to think about the church and why we do the things we do.

Here are some areas we will touch on:

This weekend’s sermon is about the future of the church, as in, “I wonder about the future of the church.”

We have seen increasing persecution of the church in America. The upcoming Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage may signal a new and troubling day in our country. What is our future in this new reality? I think the answer from God’s Word may surprise you.

During the sermon series, we will ask basic questions about why we do some of things we do during worship. For example, we will ask why we invite people to walk to the front and talk with a pastor. Why do we take them to the counseling room?

We will also talk about worship. What should make up a corporate worship service?

We will ask questions about faith itself. Can we make up our own faith? Or, are we called of God to follow a biblical faith?

We may even ask how we know what we find in Scripture is what the Apostles believed.

Faith in Christ is a reasonable faith. It’s okay to wonder. As I have often said, “God is big enough to handle your questions.”

Please join me as we wonder together and as we ask God to show us Himself.