If I Died Tomorrow . . . ?

If I DiedTomorrow 1 line

By: Waylon Bailey ~

We’ve all asked ourselves this question.

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do? This creates a real dilemma within us. First of all, we don’t want to think about dying, at least not for long. In the second place, we know deep down that what we are doing today we wouldn’t be doing if we knew we were going to die.

But you are going to die. Maybe not tomorrow, but you are going to die.

Someone asked John Wesley this question. They wanted to know what he would do differently if he knew he was going to die tomorrow.

He replied that he would do what he had already planned.

Because he had already committed to be faithful to what God called him to do, Wesley didn’t have to do anything differently.

We also want to live such that if we knew we were going to die tomorrow, we wouldn’t do anything differently at all. How do we get to that point?

How do you live your life so that you don’t have to change anything?

First, make sure you know where you came from and where you’re going. In other words, deal with life’s priorities. If you know God created you and did so to live with Him and enjoy Him daily, you obviously will live differently. If you know The Eternal Life came to give you eternal life, you look at life in a totally different way.

Second, make sure you put God first. This is vital and indispensable. Seeking God and His righteousness will put you in position to always be ready to face death and eternal life. The Apostle John encouraged us to “abide in Him, so that when He appears (returns to the earth), we may have confidence and not shrink away from Him in shame at His coming” (1 John 2:28).

We want our lives to be pleasing to God so that we don’t have to do anything differently when we die or when He returns.

Third, don’t settle. Don’t live a life of mediocrity or complacency. Spend today seeking God and seeking Godliness. Let holiness and a life of service characterize you today. Do so, and you will be ready to live or to die. You won’t have to change a thing when He comes again to the earth.

Fourth, look for the positive instead of the negative. Let your life be characterized by what you do rather than what you don’t do.

All of us have had to shun evil, but it is time we grew up in the Lord so that we are characterized by positive traits.

Treat people kindly. Do good to all. Love the brethren. Look for opportunities to help others.

He who does these things will “never be moved.”

Have a great week!