If You Want to be a Leader

By: Waylon Bailey ~

Many people run from leadership while other people run toward it. Some people have a healthy view of leadership while many others (whether they aspire to leadership or not) have a very unhealthy view.

Here are some teachings from God’s Word about leadership.

First, leadership will encounter opposition. Any person who thinks that leadership is a power play has missed the point about being a leader. A leader influences. She or he has to work to get people on board. Some people will have well-intentioned opposition while others will seek to “blow things up” or create havoc. Whatever the source, the greater leadership will encounter greater opposition.

Second, leaders have to be tenacious. Opposition is a given; defeat is not. Those who lead must do so through the fog of opposition and difficulty. Anyone who gives up easily will not be a leader.

Third, leaders have visions which are bigger than themselves and which benefit much more than any personal blessing. As I have studied through the Book of Nehemiah, it has become plain to me that Nehemiah had a dream or vision which transcended anything he received. In some ways, Nehemiah (like so many other leaders) would have been much better off to stay where he was.

Because he didn’t take the easy way, the people of Israel benefited greatly.

Fourth, leaders solve problems and find solutions. This may be the most outstanding characteristic of leaders. They don’t simply say, “It won’t work.” They find ways to make life better and to solve crucial issues.

Finally, Godly leaders create positive change that blesses everyone. What a joy and blessing to follow someone who follows God.

We can be those people who care enough about God to care for other people. We can make a difference “in the least of these” as we follow God’s way and look for God’s plan.

Have a great week!