I’m Quitting

1206558994350927690taber_No_Cell_Phones_Allowed.svg.hiI’m quitting, and I hope you will too.

I’ve quit doing what Martha calls “fiddling with my phone” while I’m driving.

It wasn’t easy. I still feel the necessity to reach over and pick up my phone and see if I’ve missed something in the last 10 minutes.

Now, if I’m on a long trip I simply plan to stop a little more often and check email or deal with a text message.

Maybe this sounds a little humorous, but it’s really not.

Let me tell you what precipitated this decision.

It happened in our weekly pastoral staff meeting. As we prepared to pray, we noted how many people we know who have been struck by automobiles recently. Some lost their lives.

We obviously don’t know if any of those were caused by distracted drivers, but we all know that many accidents have been caused by drivers who were “fiddling with their phones.”

At that point, I asked our pastors to covenant with me to be serious with our driving and not to be distracted by our phones.

It’s not just phones that can distract you. It can be most anything – – a cup of coffee, the radio, or something outside the automobile.

Our pastors all agreed what a serious issue this is. We agreed that while it would be bad to die from a distracted driver, it would be worse to cause someone else’s death.

We all know we have a responsibility to be good citizens and care for the needs of others. There are many things we can’t change about our world, but we can change how we live as citizens of this world.

We’ve decided to quit, and I hope you will too.

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