Is Anxiety Getting the Best of You?

flowersIs anxiety getting the best of you?

Jesus spoke to his disciples about anxiety. He told them not to be anxious about their life, either what they would eat or what they would wear.

Possibly, His disciples had reason to be concerned about the future. After all, they had given up everything to follow Him.

For this reason, Jesus told them not to be anxious (Luke 12:22–23). Then, He gave them reasons for being worry free. These are great lessons for you and me.

First, reject anxiety about your life because you have more important things to consider. Shortly before this section, Jesus reminded His disciples not to fear those who can kill the body and do nothing else. He told them to fear Him who has power over eternity (Luke 12:5–7).

At best, we worry over the most insignificant things! If you’re going to worry at least worry over something important.

Second, remember that life is in God’s hands. God feeds the (unclean) ravens so surely He will take care of you (Luke 12:24).

Third, remember that God cares about you. God clothes the flowers of the field. He will clothe you as well (Luke 12:28).

Finally, we need to remember that God already knows our needs. Instead of being anxious about what we shall eat or drink, we must remember what’s really important: “seek his kingdom, and these things shall be yours as well” (Luke 12:31).

Sometimes we worry that God may not take care of us. This passage teaches that God always watches over us.

God desires to give you what you really need. It is His good pleasure to give you the kingdom. If he wants to give you His kingdom surely He wants to bless you and take care of you in life.

Don’t worry. Trust God. Depend on Him for all of the needs of life.

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