Is Peace Possible?

shutterstock_143723833I want to live at peace. This may be as important as anything in my personal life.

Would you have the same desire? Do you have a goal of living at peace?

When I wake up in the morning, I don’t want to be anxious. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I want to be at peace within myself.

Is this possible? How can I have peace in my life?

For me, peace in my heart comes from vital and life-changing relationships.

First, I must live at peace with God. Before I can have peace within myself, I must know the One who created me and brought me into existence.

God knows the human heart. He knows our inward parts and how we were created.

It only makes sense that we can’t have peace within without knowing the formula of our creation.

Fortunately, God has done for us what we need to live at peace with Him. He has broken down the walls that keep us from knowing God. Christ became the sacrifice for our sin. Through His death on the cross on our behalf, we can live at peace with God.

There’s one other thing about this situation. How can you ever live at peace with yourself if you don’t know what’s going to happen when you die? Paul knew that “For to me, to live is Christ but to die is gain”(Philippians 1:21).

If for you, death is a loss instead of a gain, how can you live at peace? When we trust Christ and know what the future holds and the one who holds the future, we can live at peace.

Second, we live at peace when we are right with other people.

I know this about myself. If I am wrong with the people around me, I can’t live peacefully. A life of peace comes from right relationships. Right relationships come from honesty, integrity, and genuineness.

Are those qualities evident in your life? Are they who you are on the inside? When I wake up in the middle of the night, I want to know that I’ve done my best to live at peace with other people.

Both of these relationships are enhanced by a devotional life that begins and ends with God. When I bookend my day – – beginning and ending it – – with God, I’m much more likely to have a good relationship with God and a good relationship with other people. This helps to bring peace and joy in my life.

Peace is not for some people and not for others. It’s for you and me – – the gift of God’s Spirit working in our lives.

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