It’s Time To Pray For America

“It’s the most important election in our lifetime.” I’ve heard the four men running for president and vice-president make this statement. I’ve also heard many, many voters make the same statement.

What makes this election so important? Several things stand out to me. On domestic policy, religious freedom seems to be at a crossroads. If America crosses this line, we likely will never see it restored. The ramifications of this issue will affect every American, and it will determine how we are allowed to practice and share our faith.

In the areas of domestic politics, this election pits two very different views on abortion and same sex marriage. The election will probably be seen as a referendum on these grave moral subjects.

In foreign policy, obviously the issue of terrorism is again at the forefront. We also have the issue of support for Israel and the problems associated with Iran and nuclear weapons.

This will be a pivotal election. It is time for Christians to be salt and light. It is time to vote, and it is time to pray.

Will you join with me in 40 days of prayer prior to the election? The North America Mission Board and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention have prepared a non-partisan prayer guide for our use. You can download it and use it daily. This is the link where you can get the guide and also read a different article about the forty days of prayer. I prefer this prayer guide because it uses Scripture and gives specific needs to pray for.

If you wish, you can follow the guide given by Max Lucado. He uses the acronym USA. He says:  Ask God to Unite us, ask God to Strengthen us, and ask God to anoint our next president.

The important thing is for us to pray and implore God for His blessings. We are a needy people. We need God to be our God. We need His leadership and His blessings.