Keys To Success

By: Waylon Bailey ~

My dad was a businessman, and I’ve always liked business and businesses. As a pastor, I enjoy hearing how people make a living and what they do as a career. It’s simply fascinating.

We all have to make business decisions. We no longer live in simple times or in an agrarian society. We must all be business people. We have to learn how to manage money and how to prepare for the future.

Recently, I have been reading articles about financial security and the keys to success in business.

I find some of these articles to be amazing. Not only do they help you with finances, they also help you with life.

Here are three ideas you may want to consider about life and finances.

First, make your first investment an investment in yourself. Learn as much as you can learn and put it to good use.

We all know that not many jobs are life-long. In fact, most people believe that no one in the future will have only one job or career. We may need to reinvent ourselves for the changes the future will hold for us.

Being a pastor means constant reading and constant study, so does preparing for the future. Learn all you can learn. Invest in yourself and become all you can be.

Paul called on the believers in Colossae to do everything they do for the Lord (Colossians 3:17).

Second, live simply. Years ago I read that most millionaires are people you would never know because of the simplicity of their lives.

These are people who save prodigiously and live simply. They don’t look like millionaires because of their simple lifestyle. A simple life takes much of the stress out of living. It enhances our relationships and encourages the people around us.

Third, give generously. It always seems strange to read business and financial articles and to be told to give for the needs of others. Not only is that advice true to the Bible, it’s also true to life. We get significance when we care about other people and do our best to be a blessing to them. Life becomes meaningful because we reach out to others and attempt to help them through life.

Church is meaningful to us because it has to do with the needs of others and because we try to carry out the call of God for us.

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, summarized money and work in this way: “Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.”

Life becomes most meaningful when we give our best to do everything for the glory of God, live with Him in mind, and care for the needs of others.

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Have a great week!