Are We Seeing “Green Shoots?”

Not one of us would deny we are living in very difficult and perilous times. 

Our faith in Christ is under attack daily across the country, and our children are being targeted with destructive ideologies and teaching.

Yet, I think I can see a glimmer of hope. I certainly can’t speak about the nation, and I really cannot talk about even other churches around us. 

But I am encouraged at what I am seeing at FBC Covington.

I am seeing “green shoots” of revival. It seems that this renewal and revival are just becoming evident.

Where do I see them?

First, I see it among our children, junior high and high school students. We are seeing a surge of people who want to study the Scripture and want their children to be steeped in biblical theology. I’m not sure that’s always been the case. It seems to be very evident now. This is particularly apparent in our Wednesday night groups for children and teens. 

Second, I see it in our “healing ministries”. People are struggling with life – not just with finances – but life in general. Grief, relationships, depression, and anxiety are bringing great hurt to people.

Our healing ministries, such as GriefShare, DivorceCare, Celebrate Recovery, and other groups are being a blessing, and they are giving us an opportunity to share with people the greatest blessing possible.

Third, I see it in the people who already know Christ who are learning to share their faith and going out to do so.

Finally, I see it in people like you and me who are praying for God to bless our community and our nation. I see it in the desperate prayers of people for revival to come and for lives to be changed.

Would you join with me in praying for a fruitful harvest?

– Waylon Bailey