I think you know that I get to work with a very special group of people, both in our office staff and our pastoral team.

I am so very thankful to have this opportunity to work with such a dedicated group if people – who love our Lord and love you, the church.

Our Personnel Team provides recognition to our Pastoral Team at five year anniversaries, making this year significant with the number of anniversaries to celebrate.

Our pastors who have had or are having 5-year anniversaries this year are:

David Logan – 5 years
Maggie Fredericks – 5 years
Josh Jordan – 15 years
Darlene Drivon – 20 years
– Darlene and Harold have been members of the church many years prior to her official start time as our preschool minister.
Glynn Robinson – 25 years.

Our Personnel Team especially recognizes our pastors on their 25th anniversary. Therefore, we will have a special celebration for Glynn and Melinda Robinson Sunday, October 30 at noon under the Pavilion.  We hope you will join us for that special time.  We will give you more information over the next few weeks.

Would you take the time to show your appreciation for the contribution these wonderful people make in our lives?

– Waylon Bailey