It’s fitting that October is “Pastor Appreciation Month.” I appreciate how you have expressed your gratitude to me, but more importantly, to the other members of our church staff. They are dedicated people, and I appreciate your support for each of them.

This week I have participated as chairman of the Board of Trustees at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I was able to be away because of the excellence of the people around me. Please continue to express your appreciation for them.

Concerning New Orleans seminary, I wanted to let you know how important it is for the churches of our area.

Almost all of our pastors have attended or been influenced by New Orleans seminary. The smaller churches around us are particularly indebted to the seminary for preparing trained ministers of the gospel. We have also been blessed by Leavell College (which is associated with New Orleans Seminary) in helping our own students receive ministry training.

Today, I want to express my thanks to Cindy Rush for her 15+ years of leading our Kid’s Worship. During that time, she has blessed a whole generation of FBC kids. What an amazing ministry!

Cindy and Rhett have been faithful servants.  I appreciate their service and look forward to their next place to serve at FBC.