Welcome to worship, and Happy New Year!

My mother used to say that whatever you do on January 1st, you will do the remainder of the year. She wasn’t superstitious, but she did love little sayings about the new year.

If she was right about that saying, then, you and I are going to have a good year of worship and devotion to the Lord. Above all else, this should be our goal for the new year.

Let me encourage you to get the new year off to a fast start by seeking God and His direction in your life. You can do this by getting involved in a Connect Group and taking advantage of opportunities to grow and learn such as our Wednesday night activities. All of these begin new this week. I hope you will take every opportunity and make the most of it.

Next week we are blessed to have Frank Turek, one of the leading authorities of biblical apologetics, the science of giving a reason for the hope that you have in Christ. Dr. Turek will be with us for both Sunday worship services.

Please use this as an opportunity to invite your friends and family to join with us in worship.

May God bless us in 2023!