This weekend we begin our new sermon series concerning being people after God’s own heart entitled A Heart Pleasing to God. Our first sermon is asking the question – What does please God?

At the conclusion of each service, we will pray over our Deacons – including the three newly serving deacons and ask God‘s blessings upon them and their families.  

  • Scott Ritter will be ordained as a deacon, Daniel Lombardo and Scot Martin will begin their service as deacons of First Baptist Church Covington.
  • Below are our Deacons. Since Deacons serve a two-year term, the staggered appointment allows for ongoing consistency each year. The first column is the group that we, as a church are affirming this weekend. The second column are the men who were affirmed last year and are starting their second-year term.

2023-2024 Term
Brian Baughman
Tom Chambless
Jason Coffey
Jim Cook
Ed Covington
Syd Gibbs
Daniel Lombardo – newly serving
Scot Martin – newly serving
Jim Moreau
Chuck Rich
Scott Ritter – to be ordained
Daniel Roberts
Don Saucier
Kevin Seal
Robert Vinson

2022-2023 Term
Clif Anglin
Sean Barnes
Tim Crabtree
Darrell Fussell
Rob Hatley
Jonathan Hills
Matthew Johnston
Steve Mikell
Tommy Milazzo
Dale Padgett
Dwayne Schaefer
Tom Stogner
Brad Thompson
Mark Thompson

Please join with me in welcoming and encouraging these men and their families has they help minister to our Church.

– Waylon