Today is a good day to emphasize the opportunity we have to fellowship as believers and work together for the work of God’s Kingdom.

FBC Covington is made up of four congregations: 

FBC Covington
Metairie Church
Metairie Korean Church
FBC Kenner

Each of these congregations has a unique ministry. I am thankful for my brothers and sisters who work and serve with us in these congregations. 

I have chosen to write about these congregations today because of what will happen this Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 3:00PM in The Chapel. We will hold an ordination service for Yo Sub Woo as pastor of Metairie Korean Church. Much of the service will take place in both English and Korean. The pastors of all our congregations will be present and will help lead in parts of the service.

You are invited to attend as we meet together to worship and to set aside Joseph (Yo Sub) for this important ministry.

– Waylon